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Nervous wees, salt & vingegar crisps and first female at the limestone 50

- An account of the 2022 middle distance in the Peak District Ultra trio - The Limestone 50 - by Mim Slinn. Mim completed the distance in 11th position overall & first female in a time of 11 hours & 12 minutes.

It is the morning of the Limestone 50.

A 50 mile race in the beautiful Peak District, the place I am lucky enough to call home. I am sat in my van, forcing down a marmite bagel, watching fellow runners complete their pre race rituals. I too will be partaking in the obligatory car park walking lunges and jump squats but breakfast comes first. A pre race photo, one last nervous pee and it's time to head to the start line.

This is my third ultra marathon but my first time running this distance. Like a true mathematician I have calculated my carbohydrate requirements and planned my nutrition strategy but I have no real idea how to pace an 83km race so I tell myself to "just enjoy it". The weather is 'muggy' but it is not raining so I have that to be grateful for.

11 hours later I'm crossing the finish line as the first lady! What a race!

The energy from our incredible volunteers at each of the checkpoints was a definite highlight for me. Peak Running have a great team that make for a fantastic race experience. Everyone I met along the trail was so friendly and kept my spirits up.

The ultrarunning community is unrivalled when it comes to finding a hugely supportive group of people who love running far whilst eating salt and vinegar crisps, cold pizza and marmite sandwiches (maybe that's just me).

The Limestone 50 was my last race of the season and my aim was to complete it comfortably in a 'decent' time. The training leading up to the race involved back to back long run days in the hills.

Whether you're a first timer or a well-seasoned ultra runner, I'd recommend the Limestone 50. It was expertly organised and took in beautiful trails, the checkpoint snacks were also the best I've had!

- Written by Mim Slinn, February 2023

If you'd like to take Mim's advice and try your hand at eating crisps whilst running a really long way, find out more about the Peak District Ultras HERE.

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