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Millstone 100

100m - 16500' - 36h

4th September 2020

Limestone 50

50m - 7300' - 22h

5th September 2020

Peveril 33

33m - 6000' - 22h

5th September 2020

Truly spectacular routes in the UK's original national park!


The Peak District Ultras are three races wrapped into one epic weekend of adventure in our favourite local playground, the Peak District National Park.
The Millstone 100
The Millstone 100 gets its name from the giant millstones which mark the entrances to the national park, symbolising the rich history of the area. The race provides a serious challenge for even the most experienced ultra runners, taking participants on a grand tour of the park, showcasing all aspects of the beautiful and varied landscapes within it. 
The Limestone 50
The plateau of limestone, which provides the natural foundation of the 'White Peak' area, is the inspiration behind the name of our 50-miler. The distance and elevation mean it's a serious undertaking, but the generous time limit makes it accessible to a wide range of runners and strong hikers. A wonderful route with something different to see around every corner.
The Peveril 33
The Peveril may be the shortest option, but it's still got plenty of action. It takes in some of the best views in the area, from the high edges that run along the eastern side of the park to the deep dales that plunge, canyon like, through the high farmland in the area. Whether you're a racing snake looking for a podium position, a first time ultra participant, or looking for a grand day out with no time pressure, you'll definitely enjoy it. 
All three races start and finish in Castleton, a vibrant village right in the heart of the Peaks, with the high fells and remote moorland of the Dark Park area to the north, and the dramatic dales and historic villages of the White Peak area to the south.
Whatever distance you choose, you can be sure of a fantastic experience with a level of support that would be hard to surpass provided by our 'Blinding Peakers' event team. They've quickly become legendary in these parts: read the comments about them on our previous events to find out why. 

The Millstone 100

The Limestone 50

The Peveril 33



Results will appear here shortly after the event.

Results of the Peak District 100, 50 & 33 in 2019, which were organised in conjunction with Beyond Marathon are here.



A selection of images from our 2019 Peak District ultra. 


Parters, Supporters & Sponsors

Many thanks to the following who support the event and help to make it possible.


Peak District National Park



National Trust



Eastern Moors Partnership



Severn Trent



United Utilities



The Peveril Centre



Dunscar Farm



Peak Cavern



Castleton Parish Council


Peak District Design



The Derby Runner


The Trail Running Association


Part of our philosophy for all our events is to be participant focused, something which is especially important in ultra distance events where many taking part are pushing beyond their comfort zone to test their own limits. Feedback is therefore always important to us.


Here is a selection of some of the feedback we received in 2019.

"Thank you all so much for such a fabulously organised event. Big thanks to everyone, RD, registration, marshals, cooks, checkpoints, runners, supporters, tail runners you are all stars 🌟

Now which race to choose next year 🤔..."



"Thanks to all the team from Peak Running for organising such an amazing event. A huge thank you to all the marshals, volunteers and supporters along the route. Fantastic food at the feed stations and lots of encouragement. Well done to everyone who took part in this awesome challenge. A great day x 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍😀"



"It really was an unforgettable day yesterday. Thank you to everybody at Peak Running for organising an amazing event and creating memories that will stay with me for life in what was my first ultra. 

Also a big thank to all you fantastic marshals at all the checkpoints and finish, who’s enthusiasm and support was absolutely top class 👏🏻👏🏻. 

Will I be back next year? We’ll see 🤔"



"Thank you all for an absolutely fantastic day. I mean, I’ve completely fallen to pieces, partly due to the fact I fell over about a hundred times, but it’s totally worth it! Every single person was brilliant - thank you all!! And to everyone I met on the course you’re inspirational (I mean, I wouldn’t have a clue who half of you are as we were chatting in the pitch black with torches shining at each other 🤣🤣 but you were fab all the same)....it was perfect from start to finish. Thank you!! 💖💖💖


"What amazing marshals at this excellent unforgettable adventure. You were all fantastic. Love you all."



"Thank you folks for another great event. Even though the hills were torture and my knees were screaming, the views made up for it. The marshall’s were so fab and food choices great, especially the potatoes with salt at the last checkpoint, ooh they really hit the spot! 😋. Such lovely support from all the other runners along the way too. A few lessons learned by me and Al and hopefully see you same time next year when we are a bit fitter & faster! Thank you."


"I did my first ever Ultra, a 33 miler, and absolutely loved the experience. Thank you for organising such fab event. The crew was very supportive and kept me going with vibes. I met some lovely folks on a way. Endorphins are still flowing. See you in 2020"



"Thanks Peak Running for a great day out on Saturday. I only did the Fun Run but really enjoyed it - 35 miles and 5000ft of up on my watch but I guess you get as many statistics as entrants! For the inaugural running of an event I thought the organisation was superb and all the marshals so friendly and enthusiastic. With such a nice course as well it deserves to become a classic. My only suggestion as a veteran (some would say decrepit no doubt) runner, could you knock down a few of the stiles for next time......"



Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday - in 22 years of running I can say that the organisation and the checkpoints where second to none.

Certainly a fabulous introduction to running races in the Peak District (so glad we moved here a few weeks ago)

Finally , big respect to sweeper Simon who walked and jogged with us for the first 16 miles .

Happy running everyone 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️"



"May I thank you on behalf of myself, Tania and Jude from Blythe Bridge RC.

This was mine and Jude’s first ever Ultra talked into it by our now exfriend Tania 🤣

We thoroughly enjoyed our day. The support of everyone from Peak Running was outstanding. The fun checkpoints were a blast, we literally couldn't wait to get to them. Everyone at each stage helped us all individually, I'm sure going above and beyond what was "needed" of them. Drinks filled, food offered, genuine concern on how we felt and such great encouragement and admiration.

The team at the finish were fantastic too....caring for us, ensuring we had food and a hot drink, just something I didn’t expect.

After chating with the amazing 50 and 100 participants I was humbled that they too thought us newbies were pretty good too 🥰

The course was beautiful yet sadistic at the same time. Hill, after, hill after hill....I'm yet to venture downstairs today!!

I would highly recommend Peak Running to my fellow runners and I would love to take part in your other events. This route 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I think it's going to have to stay in my memory bank under painful, yet amazing."



"What an awesome day completing my first 50 !!

Andy Brooks you and the team of volunteers did yourselves proud with an extremely well run event in such beautiful surroundings.

Only wish I’d stopped to have taken a few more photos."



"A huge thank you to everyone from Peak Running for a superb day out on the 33 (35!) yesterday. The organisation was faultless, brilliant instructions meant we only got a tiny bit lost once! The support at the checkpoints was absolutely spot on and we loved how much thought had gone in to every last detail of the whole event. See you next year!"



"Hey gang, thank you for yesterday. My first 100 miler was a great experience. The other runners were really nice and I will always remember the kindness, humour and optimism of the support crew. You gave me the strength and encouragement to continue. Definitely coming back next year. I have unfinished business."



"Fantastic event today!I used the route description for the 50 miler and it was spot on. Thanks to all the volunteers at the checkpoints you all did a fantastic job!"


"It was a great event with a super route. I am hoping to be back next year to have a go at the 100 route!

The race support was fantastic with such enthusiastic check-point volunteers, it really does make such a difference to be so well looked after when you are tired!

Only comment which is usually the same for all races I do is please can there be more vegan friendly options available at check-points.  That said there was a lovely chilli waiting at the end for us!

Well done and thank you for organising a great event."



"It was a great event. Meticulously organised. Wouldn't change a thing. Well done for organising it, and special thanks to the amazing marshals."




"Thanks for a great race.  I loved the views, aid stations (particularly the Xmas party) and the chilli with a cup of tea at the end was perfect. "


"Huge thank you to you and all team.  So many supportive and really nice people throughout the course at all the checkpoints.  It felt like a really well established event where folk knew exactly what to do.  The 100 course is a cracking route too.  And really helpful that it merges with the 50 and 33 from a motivation / catapulting thing."


"I have nothing but utmost respect. Their approach was 100% participant centred, with meticulous detail in their planning. The aid stations were the best I have ever experienced with the most enthusiastic and motivating Marshal. I will be looking carefully at their other events as I know I will be guaranteed top notch service."


Feedback from previous participants

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