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RUNNERS R.E.P. is a movement to inspire and unite the running and outdoor community to respect, enjoy and protect the places we visit; from our local neighbourhoods, parks, trails and forests to the natural spaces of our national parks.

The aim is to exercise our collective energy and resourcefulness to help maintain a clean, safe and beautiful environment, and positively influence others to do the same.


There are three objectives:


  • Rubbish free routes


  • Educate and positively influence the wider community


  • Preserve beautiful places

Who are we?

We started as a bunch of runners from Derbyshire who care about our environment, but are fed up with seeing litter and rubbish on the trails and damage to places we run. 


We are not an action group or event organisers, but want to collaborate with and inspire others to do their bit and help grow the movement.

What will we do?

We will encourage the running community in our local area, and beyond, to help us keep the trails and open spaces clean, and be proactive in protecting our beautiful countryside and green spaces.


How will we do it?

  • We will lead by example and be guardians of our local patch.

  • We will use our networks to spread the message and grow the movement.

  • We will engage with our local communities, authorities and other like-minded groups to share knowledge and coordinate resources.

  • We will work with public landowners and wildlife groups to support and carry out conservation work.

  • We will be active on social media and encourage others to share their stories and successes.

Do you share our values? Then get involved!

We believe that the collective power of the running and broader outdoor community can make a huge difference, as we are passionate about protecting the places that we play and ensuring they are respected by others. 

Let us know about the positives actions you and your groups/clubs are already doing, so we can share and publicise. 

Follow us on social media, join in the conversation, share, retweet and like.


Do your own litter pick, clean up or conservation task and tell us about what you are doing - use the hashtags to get us trending! #runnersrep #antiantisocialbehaviour #respectenjoyprotect 


Get in touch if you have a project idea or tell us about problem places - we may not be able to help directly but we may know someone who can.


Report anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and wild fires to the authorities - do not put yourself in danger. Check out our contacts page for information.


Help turn the tide by being a positive force for change. You could make anti-littering posters, lobby your local Councillor for more resources, or get the kids involved and help educate the next generation.



11th July 2020


Get started now!

We're launching on 11th July and getting things going on our social media accounts (see links below). 

What are you already doing? 

If you're already doing positive things to protect and keep the places you visit tidy, or know of others that are, please let us know so we can help you shout about it. Drop us an email or tag us on your posts, stories and images on social media. 

What are you planning? 

If you've got upcoming plans for picking litter, carrying out conservation work or activities to encourage others to act positively towards the environment, we'd love to hear from you. We hope that, together, we can grow a wide network that can positively influence change. 

Every action helps, no matter how small!

As we kick things off, we're encouraging all within the running and outdoor community to do something positive to address the litter problem that has become so massive in recent months during 'lockdown' period. 

No matter how big or small your action, it will all help.  

Take to your local trails on your own or with family and friends, grab a litter picker and a few bin bags and let’s see how many miles of trails we can patrol and tidy up between us all.

Send us your photos, count up the bags and the miles you cover. Let’s see how quickly we can clear the length of Britain during that week....


Tips to keep you safe

  • Buy a litter picker (£5-10) or contact your local Council as they may have some for loan.

  • Wear gloves and do not directly handle waste. 

  • If you are unlucky enough to live in an area where litter is a big problem you may need to arrange a special collection for all the rubbish bags when you have finished. Talk to your local Council about how they may help.

  • Be mindful of social distancing and follow COVID-19 guidelines 

  • Wear something hi-vis if you are walking along roadside verges. Stay safe and be alert.

Conacts and Social Media



Facebook: @runnersrespectenjoyprotect

Instagram: @runnersrespectenjoyprotect

Twitter: @runnersrespect1

Hashtags: #runnersrep #antiantisocialbehaviour #respectenjoyprotect

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