We have a number of tried and tested route options that you can choose from, with varying degrees of difficulty. Alternatively, we can put together something bespoke to suit you.

Although most of our runs are in or around Derbyshire, we have experience of putting runs together in many other parts of the UK. We are therefore happy to organise a guided run elsewhere for you for minimum additional cost.

The emphasis on these runs is enjoying the surroundings, so there will be opportunities to stop to enjoy the views, take photographs etc. The pace will not be fast and will be adjusted to suit the members of the group.

We are blessed to be based in Derbyshire, one of the best places on the whole planet to get out for a run. As well as the world famous Peak District National Park, we have a wealth of beautiful and historic places to enjoy. As well as a huge variety of spectacular landscapes, we have many historic towns, villages, country estates and stately homes all within running distance.

If you like running and the great outdoors, our guided runs are an ideal way to get out there and enjoy this wonderful area in the company of like minded people. We take away all the hassle of route planning and navigation, so you can just turn up with your kit and enjoy the run.

As well as scheduled runs that you can join, we can put 'on-demand' runs on specifically for individuals or groups. We also do workshops for those new to off-road running or wanting to improve their knowledge and skills. 

Guided Trail Running Adventures



All guided runs are suspended until at least the end of April. Updates on whether each planned run will be postponed or simply cancelled will be provided asap.

Scheduled Runs


Derbyshire Wayfarer Runs (& Peak District Ultra Recces)


The 'Wayfarer' Runs are fun days out on the Derbyshire trails, usually somewhere spectacular in the Peak District. The typical format is a point to long run with one or two refreshments stops along the way, often at local pubs or cafes. 


During the Spring & Summer of 2020 the Wayfarer Runs will double as training/recce runs for our Peak District Ultra races (The Millstone 100, Limestone 50 & Peveril 33).  

How fit do you need to be? You need to be able to run the distance and not be phased by a few hills, although a super fast pace is not important. As a rough guide you should be capable of covering a half marathon on flatter terrain in around 2hrs 10min, or a marathon within 4hrs 30min.  (For Wayfarer Lite runs you should be able to run10k in around an hour.)

Kit Requirements: You will need to bring the following kit with you, as a minimum, and carry it with you during the run.

  • Off-road running shoes

  • Running clothes suitable for the weather conditions, plus additional warm layer for emergencies

  • Waterproof jacket, with hood and taped seams, and waterproof trousers*

  • Hat and gloves *

  • Water or energy drink (min 500ml)

  • Snacks and emergency food

  • Money (including some emergency backup funds, e.g. for taxi to finish).

  • Small back pack or bum-bag to carry items not being worn

* Requirements for some of these items may be relaxed on the day depending on the weather conditions.

70 pence of entry fees for Wayfarer Runs in the Peak District will be donated to the Peak District National Park Foundation to support the #70kfor70years campaign.

Apr 04, 2020

Derbyshire Wayfarer Lite: The Dove from Above

7 miles from Hartington

A delightful 7-mile route from Hartington and a great entry level Wayfarer run. 

Limited places. Must be booked in advance. 


Apr 09, 2020

Derbyshire Wayfarer: Hurtle Half

10 Miles from Hathersage

The 'Hurtle Half' run is a circular route from the village of Hathersage covering the latter part of the Hathersage Hurtle Race route.

It's around 11 miles in length so a bit shorter than many of these runs and, therefore, suitable for those wanting to build their mileage for the Hurtle or other long trail/fell race in the Spring. There are some challenging hills though and around 1200 of elevation in total.

Limited places. Must be booked in advance.


Apr 24, 2020

Wayfarer Run: Peak District Ultra Recce #1 - Life on the Edges

16 Miles from Castleton to Baslow

This first run involves some spectacular high level running with far reaching views across the valleys below as well as some wonderful riverside and woodland trails. 

Race Route: The section covered is part of the portion of the race which is in the White Peak area and is on all 3 race routes (100/50/33-miles).

Start Time: The bus will depart from Baslow at 09:00 to enable the run to start at approximately 10:00.

£16.70 (including bus to start)

May 29, 2020

Wayfarer Run: Peak District Ultra Recce #2 - From Up Hill to Down Dale

17 Miles from Baslow to Castleton

As well as some highs, this second run dips down low to explore some of the wonderful dales that typify the White Peak. 


Race Route: The first five miles is on the section which is unique to the 33-mile race. It then joins the latter part of the 100 and 50-mile courses. 

Start Time: The bus will depart from Castleton at 09:00 to enable the run to start at approximately 10:00.

Jun 19, 2020

Wayfarer Run: Peak District Ultra Recce #3 - Dark Dark Peak

28 Miles from Castleton to Langsett (with 21-mile option)

This run takes participants up to the highest points on the race route. It will traverse the the wonderfully bleak landscapes of the Dark Peak, with much of the run in the dark. It is a nigh time adventure, starting at 19:00, to mirror what 100 mile runners will experience in the early part of the race.

Race Route: The first half of the Dark Peak portion of the race, which will be covered by those tackling the full 100 miles. 

Start Time: The bus will depart from Langsett at 17:45 to enable the run to start at approximately 19:00.

£16.70 (including bus to start)