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Feel Good in the Forest (FGITF) is a programme coordinated by Forestry England, providing free activities for people who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing, to meet new people and spend time outdoors. We're delighted to be supporting this initiative by hosting a number of free guided walks, jogs and workshops from June to September 2024.

About the Guided Walks and Jogs

These sessions will be led by our experienced leaders and are suitable for those with little or no prior experience of jogging or walking in the countryside. If you’re capable of completing a parkrun (5k) mostly jogging, you’ll be fine on any of the activities. If you’re not quite there yet, we recommend you join a guided walk first. As with our Trail Therapy activities, the focus on all of these sessions will be on enjoying the surroundings and each others company, rather than speed. 

About the 'Explore and Learn' Workshops

Aimed at runners and walkers, we are providing a series of free workshops in the Forestry England locations to help people improve their knowledge and confidence to explore the countryside on foot. These workshops include map reading, route planning, building fitness and safety on the trails. They will be led by our highly qualified team.

How to take part / book your place

Anyone is welcome to join these sessions and they are all free of charge. People can self-refer or be referred by a social prescribing link worker or support organisation. Booking your place is required and can be done by finding the guided session / workshop from the list below that you would like to attend and following the booking process. 


You'll have the option to make a donation if you'd like to; any donations made will go to Peak Running CIC, enabling us to continue projects - such as this one - in local communities. 

PLEASE NOTE: The first time you register for a Feel Good in the Forest activity, you'll need to complete a Feel Good in the Forest Registration form before attending your first session. This only needs completing once. Please allow some additional time (5 to 10 minutes) to make your first booking.

Children and Dogs

These activities are largely aimed at adults, but younger people can be accommodated as follows:

  • For workshops and jogging activities participants must be 12 or above but those under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian throughout the activity.

  • For walking activities, we can allow younger people that are capable of walking the distance unaided, but they must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian throughout the activity.

  • For all activities we can accommodate a maximum of 2 children per parent/guardian.


Dogs - We can only take dogs by prior arrangement, and will often have to turn requests down. This is not because we don't like dogs (we love them!), it's simply because dogs can become a hazard, particularly if routes go close to farm animals, and they can cause stress to other participants who are nervous around dogs.  

Terms and Conditions

As these activities are part of the Feel Good in the Forest programme via Forestry England, you'll be asked during registration whether you agree to the Forestry England Participation Agreement and your preferences around image / video consent.

- Forestry England Participation Agreement

- Forestry England Image / Video Consent

If you have any questions relating to Feel Good in the Forest, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Upcoming 'Feel Good in the Forest' Activities

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