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Diary of a CIC #2

#diaryofacic is a series of short articles by our founder taking you, the members of our community, on the journey with us.

Today (19th Jan 2023) is our 7th Birthday - yay!

Although that should really be YOUR 7th Birthday, as Peak Running isn’t really us - it’s you, the Peak Running community. The wonderful people that have been on the journey with us over that time. And, as a CIC, that we exist to support.

There are many many highlights over those 7 years for us, the most special of which have usually involved people within our community achieving things beyond what they previously thought they were capable of.

And I’m not just talking about big running performances such as completing an ultra distance, destroying a PB or standing on top of the podium at a race. Sure they’re very special. But some of the most special moments have been when people we’ve supported have achieved less publicly visible things. Things that enable them to not just progress with their running.

Things such as: mastering new skills like navigation or running up hill while still being able to breath; overcoming fears like being out in the dark or being on steep ground; or simply gaining greater belief and self confidence in themselves.

Because these are things that kick back into other areas of their life too, enabling them to have new adventures, make new friends and maybe play some small part in them living a more fulfilled life.

What would really make our hearts shine though, on this anniversary of ours, is to hear what your favourite Peak Running moments have been over those 7 years.

Be that something you’ve personally done or achieved, or somebody that has inspired you with what they’ve achieved?

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