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A peak-tastic review of the limestone 50

Visit the linked blog below to read "Adam in Runderland's" review of the 2022 Limestone 50.

We love hearing feedback from participants of our events; what we can improve on, what we should keep the same - our veg chilli! - and what to try next time. One thing we can say confidently after reading Adam's write-up of the Limestone 50 - the middle distance in our Peak District Ultra trio - is that our check-points and the fabulous folk that crew on, are the best out there!

A big thanks to Adam for taking the time to write about his experience at our event. Buckle up for an adventure in the peaks and check out Adam's review of the Limestone 50 HERE.

Psst... If you took part in the 2022 Peak District Ultras and would like to share your story, we'd love to hear from you at

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