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Run for the Trees 2024 round-up

Each year the 1st of March means one thing in the Peak Running world … Run for the Trees is officially over. A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who took part in this month-long challenge. I’d also like to say a special thank you to our Trail Therapists and run and walk leaders who have led and supported the Guided Events during February - you did a fantastic job and many happy, safe and fun trail miles were completed thanks to you. Oh, but it wouldn't be an accurate recap of the Guided Events if I didn't mention the sheer quantity of mud and rain that we faced and ploughed through... the photos prove that!

A big thank you to The Derby Runner for once again supporting this challenge, not only with a discount for all entrants to use during February, but for signing up and taking part in the challenge too, and doing a very good job of it as well… more on that later!

From sharing our miles and photos in the Facebook Community group, to the guided events in beautiful National Forest locations, and the Run-Forest virtual race series, Run for the Trees has made what can sometimes be a dreary month, pretty epic. The question on your mind though may be… what did we achieve? 

227 people (including dogs) took part in this leap year special Run for the Trees 

We collectively covered over 17,000 miles 

And what we’re most proud of, 102 trees will be planted in the National Forest

Showcasing the amazing work of the National Forest
A Valetines special by Julie Heithus

We're grateful to everyone who has taken part this year. THANK YOU!

Onto our award winners...

The Award Winners

  • Fastest Known Tree, the first person to complete the Oak Challenge

Elaine Walker of the Derby Runner, who completed the 200 miles in a mere sixteen days! A huge achievement… and we’ll be making a 300 mile challenge just for you next year ;) 

  • Environmental Award, for kindness to, stewardship and awareness of the environment

For another year, our winner of this award is Julie, Alfie & Luna Dean for their regular litter-picks and caring for the trails, both during Run for the Trees and the rest of the year too.

  • Furthest Away Participant (measured from Derbyshire, UK)

Amy Thompson in Norway, for the third time... but only just! As the crow flies it is just over 1000 miles from Derbyshire to the city Amy lives in in Norway. Another participant - Alexandra - in Norway is just shy of 800 miles away, as the crow flies. Thank you for your continued support from overseas!

  • Bestest Bark Award, for the first four-legged friend to complete the Dogwood Challenge

Tess, with the assistance of Russell Cartwright for the second year running! You’re a good girl, Tess.

  • Tree-mendous Trees photo winner 

Zoe Sewter with this great snap (left), looking up at the sky through the trees.

Run-Forest Virtual Race Series Winners

The FEMALE winner for each distance;

  • Sapling Sprint (1km) - Donna Reid

  • Solo Starlight (3.2km) - Donna Reid

  • PR pr (5km) - Donna Reid

  • Half Bash (8km) - Geraldine Minshall

  • Personal Bash (16.1km) - Donna Reid

  • Half Marathon for the Trees (21.1km) - Donna Reid

  • Double Bash (32.2km) - Donna Reid

  • Marathon for the Trees (42.2km) - (no entries)

  • Sir Wilfred’s Challenge (58.7km) - Sharlotte Simmonds

  •  The Whole Forest (120.7km) - (no entries)

A huge well done to our female winners! A similar story to last year where Donna Reid dominated the leaderboard and has again this year, winning six out of the seven virtual races that she entered! 

Well done to Geraldine for winning the Half Bash and a special congratulations to Sharlotte Simmonds who completed her furthest run to date to tackle Sir Wilfred’s Challenge. Sharlotte described this run as “worse than child-birth”. How long before Sharlotte signs up to a 100 miler do we think? ;)

The MALE winner for each distance:

  • Sapling Sprint (1km) - Matt Langtree

  • Solo Starlight (3.2km) - Matt Langtree

  • PR pr (5km) - Matt Langtree

  • Half Bash (8km) - Matt Langtree

  • Personal Bash (16.1km) - Matt Langtree

  • Half Marathon for the Trees (21.1km) - Matt Langtree

  • Double Bash (32.2km) - (no entries)

  • Marathon for the Trees (42.2km) - Mark Page

  • Sir Wilfred’s Challenge (58.7km) - Mark Page

  •  The Whole Forest (120.7km) - (no entries)

On the mens leaderboard we have Matt Langtree winning the distances up to a half marathon, with Mark coming into his own with the longer stuff; a marathon and an ultra. Well done chaps!

The Run-Forest Race Series Champions (based on their best 6 race distance positions):

No surprises here folks... give it up for; 

"Pine-ing for another woodland walk" by Mollie Wain

  • Male Champion - Matt Langtree 

  • Female Champion - Donna Reid 

What incredible performances from our virtual series winners and everyone collectively, earning over one-hundred trees during the month of February… and we had some fun (and cake!) along the way.

Run for the Trees may be over in the sense that the logging miles is complete, but if you haven’t yet received your memento (and beanie hat if you ordered one) you still have the thrill of the morning post turning up to look forward to... and I still have the "Great Post" to do, so I better get on with it.

Give yourselves a massive round of applause folks - we did it! 


Peak Running

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Thanks Dani and team for another great event. Sorry I wasn’t able to make any of the guided group runs, I have a toddler who can’t quite do that distance yet 🤣. The photos looked great! Well done everyone on getting it done 💪🏽. That’s a fab amount of trees planted ☺️. 🌳🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏾🏃🏽‍♂️ 🦮🌳


Ul have to come along to tree planting next yr with Rafe he would of lved it. That's the only thing I attended as took Harrison with me. He doesn't like mud so wouldn't walk 3 miles on their trail therapy. Most importantly well done u, u lil super star! 🌟


Thanks for another fab year and na no 100 miler yet maybe a 50 miler. 🙏🌟💞


Well done hun, another pocket rocket speedy series for u 🌟🙌💐👏🤗

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