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8th FEBRUARY to 7th MARCH 2021

2022 Event Open 18 Jan

Run for the Trees        

A FUN personal challenge event for runners and walkers TO KEEP YOU ACTIVE while lockdown restrictions are in place.



a positive footprint ON THE ENVIRONMENT: the more miles YOU cover the more new trees will be planted IN THE NATIONAL FOREST.


How it works

There are 3 levels to choose from plus, for the very ambitious, the option of trying to achieve a 'PEAK SLAM'.

Each level has a mileage target for you to aim for during the 28 days of the event. Plus there are a number of virtual races based on Peak Running events that you can take part in as you accumulate your mileage. 

You can cover as few or as many miles/kilometres as you like during the one session of exercise you're allowed to leave home for each day. But if you cover the equivalent distance to any of the races in single outings, you can enter that run/walk into the virtual race. This is as well as the distances counting towards your overall total.

You can enter as many virtual races as you like as many times as you like until you reach your challenge target. The races are:

  1. Solo Starlight: 3.2km / 2-miles

  2. Little Personal Bash: 5km / 3.1-miles

  3. Hob Hurst's at Home: 8km / 5-miles

  4. Personal Winter Bash: 16.1km / 10-miles

  5. Little Doorstep Dipper: 24.1km / 15-miles

  6. Doorstep Dipper: 42.2km / 26.2-miles

  7. Personal Peveril: 53.1km / 33-miles

  8. Lonesome Limestone: 80.5km / 50-miles

  9. My Millstone: 160.9km / 100-miles

If you achieve your target amount over the 28 days you'll receive a specially made coaster or medal crafted locally from sustainable wood. Plus you can compete for other prizes in various categories, including - but not limited to - the best performances in the virtual races.  

Part of your entry fee will go towards planting new trees in the National Forest, providing a legacy of more green space for our community to enjoy and a positive environmental impact. The more miles that are covered during the event, the bigger the area of new forest we create.

All participants will receive a 20% discount voucher from the Derby Runner as well as the other

things listed below. Visit their website for information on making purchases during Lockdown. 

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You get:

  • Downloadable Race Number

  • Entry to Virtual Races (optional) 

  • Wooden Award (crafted locally)

  • Quarter Share in a Tree to be Planted

  • 20% Discount at Derby Runner

Entry Fee:


(+£0.90 booking fee)





You get:

  • Downloadable Race Number

  • Entry to Virtual Races (optional) 

  • Wooden Award (crafted locally)

  • Half Share in a Tree to be Planted

  • 20% Discount at Derby Runner

Entry Fee:


(+£1.20 booking fee)





You get:

  • Downloadable Race Number

  • Entry to Virtual Races (optional) 

  • Wooden Award (crafted locally)

  • Dedicated Tree and Certificate

  • 20% Discount at Derby Runner

Entry Fee:


(+£1.80 booking fee)

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Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.51.59.png
Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.52.22.png

Covid Hardship: If you, or someone you know, would like to take part in the event but can’t afford the entry because of financial hardships brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, please contact us via email to and request a free ‘Peak Running Community Entry’. We  have a limited number of these available to support people within our community with their physical and mental health.  


Also, if you would like to sponsor a place for someone else – either someone you know or anyone who would like to enter but cannot afford it, please get in touch. This can be by donating an entry fee or donating credits/places on ice you have from Peak Running events cancelled/postponed due to coronavirus.

Groups and Families: If you are a couple, family or group of friends and wish to have tree dedicated to you, we can do this. If 4 of you enter the Cherry Challenge or 2 of you enter the Lime Challenge (or 2 x Cherry and 1 x Lime), just let us know after you have entered that you'd like to pool your entries for a dedicated tree.


Can you nail the 


Complete all 9 virtual races to achieve the Peak Slam!

Get a special Peak Slammer award

Plus a tree dedicated to you!

Virtual Races Rules

Participation in virtual races is optional and included in your entry fee.  

Races are informal events that you can take part in at your own risk. You will need to plan your own race routes local to home, and should leave home no more than once a day to exercise. Unless you live very close to an actual race route, you should not use it for your effort. 

As you would on a training run, you are responsible for taking care for the safety of yourself and others while you run and complying with coronavirus restrictions and guidelines.    

To enter a race you must cover the distance of that race in a single outing and must comply with current coronavirus restrictions. You cannot enter more than one race simultaneously, e.g. use a 5-mile split for the Hob Hurst's at Home race while running 10-miles for the Personal Winter Bash.

You are responsible for timing your run. Races times must be based on 'elapsed' time (the difference between the time of day you start and the time you finish) not 'moving time'. If you stop during your effort (e.g. to take photographs, visit the toilet etc.) this time must be included in your race time, as it would be in a normal race.

Race times must be submitted via the ResultsBase website as soon as possible after you have taken part, but no later than 24 hours after the end date of the event. 

To be eligible for prizes based on times and race positions, and to gain the 'Peak Slam' award, you must be able to provide evidence (such as links to or screen shots of GPS recordings on Strava or Garmin Connect) for your race efforts.

There will be results for each event, and prizes for the fastest male and female time.

There will also be prizes in other categories not based on time or position (e.g. best photos). Full details of these are currently being finalised. 


The National Forest

25 years ago, large swathes of the Midlands landscape had been left scarred by centuries of coal mining and other heavy industry. But a passionate group of people had a vision: a forest. - the first forest to be created at scale in England for over 1000 years! 


The National Forest Company was formed and is a charity that works with public, private, voluntary and community organisations to create the National Forest. One of the boldest environmental regeneration projects in the world, they are truly transforming a scarred landscape from black to green. But the story doesn’t stop here. They believe that trees are the catalyst for transformation, not only of the landscape but of the economy and for our communities too.  


By continuing to grow the Forest, making it accessible to all and creating a woodland culture of passionate people who can engage with it, there will be a lasting benefit for generations to come.

For more information visit their website here.

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 15.58.28.png
  • Background
    2024 will be the fifth edition of our Peak District Ultras. Creating an iconic ultramarathon for the Peak District is something that Peak Running founders, Andy Brooks (Brooksie) and Chris Hopkinson, had been thinking about for many years before. As a fell and trail runner since the mid 90's, Brooksie has always had a penchant for going long. So, while there have been some great races in the Peaks over the years, satisfying that desire has traditionally meant travelling a long way from his Derbyshire home. To take on his first 100-miler, he had to go all the way to the mountains of Virgina, because there was yet to be one in the UK in those days! Chris' passion for mountain marathons in remote locations, and the challenge of planning routes through the terrain, is something that has seen him travel to other parts of the UK, and overseas (including Iceland and Japan) over the years, to enjoy his fix too. The increase in popularity of mountain and ultra-running in the UK in more recent times has led to some fantastic events emerging in the other national parks. Something that the guys have revelled in. But their own backyard, the Peak District, was still crying out for something special in their view. Our aim, therefore, with The Peak District Ultras is to provide an event that's not only a fantastic experience for those taking part, but something that is also a special day for the communities within our favourite playground, the 'original' national park. In our view, the Peak District is the best place on the planet to go for a run. Click HERE to to understand why.
  • Race Ethos
    Our ethos for the event is aligned with our ethos for Peak Running as a whole. We want it to be an event that is capable of challenging even the most experienced ultra-runners, while also inspiring those within the wider running community to push their boundaries and achieve things they may not have thought possible themselves. So, in addition to the race itself, there is bags of guidance and support available to help you achieve your ambitions and complete the event safely. We want there to be some tough competition at the front of the fields in each distance. But we also recognise that, for the majority, simply finishing is winning for them. So even if you're not a fast runner, or you'd prefer to hike, it's designed to accommodate you. From a broader perspective, we want to make it an event that has a positive impact on the Peak District, its communities and the local environment. An event that residents, local businesses, and those that look after the delicate landscapes within the park, support and look foward to. Our commitments to this fundamental aim for the event include: Donating a proportion of the profits to the Peak District National Park Foundation charity to help them protect this wonderful park, for everyone, forever. Building strong relationships with the park authorities and land managers, their rangers and other stakeholders. Organising conservation days for runners to help carry out important conservation and restoration work on the trails within the park. Using the event as a vehicle to help promote and educate people on the work and behaviours necessary to maintain the beauty of the park for future generations. Using community facilities for event HQ and checkpoints wherever possible. Using local independant buinesses for supplies, such as race mementos, t-shirts etc. Ensuring there will be no trace of the event by the time it is wrapped up on the Sunday.
  • Entries
    Entries, including changes to a different distance, will close on Monday 26th August or earlier if the capacity is reached. Entries after 1st July 2024 are not guaranteed a finishers memento. The prices for entries are: Millstone 100 : £147 Limestone 50 : £77 Peveril 33 : £57 The above prices are subject to a £2 supplement for participants who are not affiliated to UK Athletics or members of the Trail Runnings Association. By purchasing an entry you agree to the terms on conditions specified below in the 'Taking Part' section of this website.
  • What's Included?
    Participation in a race on a spectacular route in the Peak District National Park Detailed results, including intermediate check-point splits A unique memento for finishers Comprehensive event handbook Access to a detailed route description GPX file of the route Well stocked aid stations Hot meal at the finish Support from an highly experienced and enthusiastic event team Live GPS tracking (for Millstone 100 participants) Professional medical support UTMB World Series qualifying points for finishers Option to purchase a high quality event technical t-shirt (order when entering)
  • Location
    The event in based in the heart of the beautiful and vibrant village of Castleton in the Hope Valley. The village is situated at the foot of the historic Peveril Castle and surrounded by spectacular hills. The base for the race and event HQ is The Peveril Centre which is on the western side of the village. The address is: The Peveril Centre Buxton Road Castleton Hope Valley Derbyshire S33 8WP
  • Schedule
    Friday 30th August 2024 16:00 Registration Opens – Millstone 100 only 17:30 Registration Closes 17:30 Race Briefing – The Millstone 100 18:00 The Millstone 100 starts 18:30 Registration Opens – The Limestone 50 & Peveril 33 20:00 Registration Closes Saturday 31st August 2024 06:30 Registration Opens 08:15 Registration Closes 08:30 Race Briefing -The Limestone 50 & Peveril 33 09:00 The Limestone 50 & Peveril 33 start Sunday 1st September 2024 06:00 Deadline to complete all races
  • Event Team
    Our event team, The Blinding Peakers, are renowned for their enthusiasm and ability to bring a sense of fun to an event, while maintaining the professional standards needed to ensure a smooth and safe event for all involved. They’re nearly all runners themselves, and many are ultramarathon veterans. So they know what it’s all about and know what you need, maybe even before you do. If you are interested in joining the team please contact us.
  • Car and Campervan Parking
    A dedicated event car and campervan park, with temporary toilets, will be provided close to race HQ in Castleton. This is available to both participants and supporters throughout the weekend for a small charge. Permits for use can be purchased when registering for the event on the Fabian4 entry system. Full details of the arrangements will be provided in the Event Handbook prior the event.
  • Local Accommodation
    There are various accommodation options in the area. Locally there are two Youth Hostels (Losehill Hall and Edale Activity Centre) and a number of camp sites which take tents. There are also various pubs with accommodation, B&Bs and holiday cottages. The nearest large towns/cities with greater accommodation options are Buxton (10 miles), Chesterfield (15 miles), Sheffield (15 miles), Stockport (15 miles) and Manchester (20 miles).
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