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Race Organisation Support

“I never realised there was so much involved” is something that people organising races for the first time nearly always say at some point.  We felt the same the first time we got involved.  But now, with many years’ experience under our belt from both organising our own races and helping with many different events, we are ideally placed to advise and/or take some of the load off other organisers.

It is sad to see established races fold because of the workload involved in organising them, and disappointing to hear that people’s great ideas for races have failed to get off the ground for the same reason. So whether you’re thinking of putting on an event for the first time, or are an existing organiser struggling to find the time or resources to do everything, we may be able to help you. 

There are many tasks we can advise on or carry out for you, ranging from dealing with bureaucracy and preparing paperwork, through to more practical things such as course design and optimising marshalling plans.

The price will obviously depend on the scale and complexity of your event. However, we fully understand that most organisers wish to keep their costs down to ensure their event is financially viable, or because funds are being raised for charity. We will therefore always endeavour to give you best value for money. We can do this by drawing on our experience and existing library of templates, rather than charging you to invent something from scratch when it is not necessary. 

Please feel free to contact us for a quote with absolutely no obligation. 

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