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          5pm, Saturday 30th October 2021          


The Fractured Marathon is an exciting event for teams or solo runners of all abilities. The innovative format was a smash hit with participants at the inaugural event in 2019. It created a great atmosphere and was as much a Friday night running party as a race!

Based in the grounds of the spectacular Calke Abbey, the event will run for 5 hours from 5pm until 10pm; going from sunlight to starlight.

There will be 10 timed laps around a scenic 2.6-mile course, which will start every half hour on the half hour.

Teams, or solo runners, can take part in as many or as few of the 10 laps as they like. For runners, solo and team, to be eligible to run the next lap they must be back before it starts. Otherwise they will have to wait for the next start time to re-join the game. So, to remain in with chance of completing a full marathon, each loop must be completed within half an hour.

Categories and Prizes


Teams can be entered in the following categories:

  • Male

  • Female

  • Mixed (at least 50% of loops must be run by a female runner)



There will be prizes for the fastest accumulative marathons for teams in each category and solo runners.


Plus there are opportunities for individuals to achieve distance personal bests in a fun way (e.g. run your first half marathon, full marathon or other distance), or for team / club-mates to have a competition amongst themselves. 

Solo Runner:£20

Team Entry: £40

Prices based on UKA/TRA Affiliated Runners paying in advance.

Unaffiliated: £2 supplement per runner per event

Pay on the day: £10 supplement per team or solo

Team Entry Process - advance entry

Solo runners: simply enter on line in the normal way using the link above.

Teams: The Team Captain or Club Coordinator can purchase a team entry, without specifying full details of all team members at the time of purchase.  

Details of team members can be input/amended anytime up until 27th Oct 2021, by editing the entry within SiEntries. 

Entry on the day (if available)

Team Captain or solo runner to complete:

1. Entry Form and

2. Team Declaration Form if applicable (which must be signed by all team members)


These must be brought to registration together with payment, which must be in cash. 

NOTE: entries on the day are subject to availability and a £10 supplement per team is payable.

On the day

Registration and race number collection will take place between 3:00 and 4:30pm.  

There will be a short walk to the starting point, so please try and arrive in plenty of time as races will start at 5pm sharp.

Team Composition 

Race Venue

Calke Abbey

The event will take place in the spectacular Calke Park in South Derbyshire. 

Post Code DE73 7LE

Team Captains can change their team members or category of team anytime until declaring their finalised team on the day.  

Teams must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 runners.  Running order is up to you but for mixed teams at least 50% of the loops run must be by a female runner

Individual runners are not permitted to represent more than one team.

The minimum age for athletes is 18 for solo runners, or 16 in teams. Those aged 16 are allowed to run a maximum of 2 laps. 

No dogs are allowed to accompany runners. 


Parking: Car parking is available in the main car park at Calke Abbey. Parking fees are £3 per car.  

Toilets & Changing: Public toilets are close to the main car park. There are no specific changing facilities..

Registration: Adjacent to the start/finish area.

Start/Finish: The open area adjacent to the main building and car park. There will be signs to guide participants there.

Race Route: The route is 2.6 miles and completely within Calke Park, with some of it across private land that we have special permission to use. Underfoot there is a combination of purpose made hard-packed trails, tarmac, woodland tracks and grass, some of which is long and/or uneven.  As well as some nice downhill stretches, there are some tough little climbs.   

Terms & Conditions

Our general terms and conditions can be viewed here. Event specific terms relating to participant cancellations and transfers are stated below.

Refunds & Transfers

A 50% refund is available up to 1 month prior to the event, in the event of a team or solo runner withdrawing. 

No refund is payable in the event of individuals withdrawing from a team that remains eligible to compete (i.e. with 2 or more runners).

Entires may be transferred  to another team/solo runner free of additional charge. This must be done by the original entrant using the edit option on the entry website no later than 27th October 2021. Use of somebody else's number, without formally arranging the transfer  is NOT allowed..

Race Permits

Each race will take place in accordance with UK Athletics rules, under Permits issued by the Trail Running Association.

Permit number: [applied for]


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a member of a club to run?

No, anyone over 18 can run in the solo event, or over 16 in a team. We just have to charge a £2 supplement for each unaffiliated runner in your team in accordance with UK Athletics Rules.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Trail shoes are recommended, especially if the ground is wet.

I would like to run in a team but don’t have a team as yet. Can you help me find a team?

We are happy for you to post in the Peak Running Community Facebook Group ( )
to seek team members. Other Facebook groups that you’re a member of may also be useful too.

A number of people in our club want to run but we haven’t sorted out who is in which team yet. Can we reserve places in the meantime?

We are happy for someone to act as coordinator for a club and enter a number of teams under their name. We don’t need to know the finalised team members until the night of the race.

What is the minimum age to run?

18 for solo runners. 16 if in a team, but the team captain must be at least 18.

How many runners do I need to enter?

You can enter as an individual solo runner. For a team you can have a maximum of 5 runners, so anywhere between 2 and 5.

Do all members of the team need a head-torch?

Everyone running from loop 3 (6pm start) onwards needs to run with one, but it is acceptable to share and hand it over at the transition. Bear in mind the transition area and the route to and from it will be dark though. It’s therefore recommended that you have more than one and/or a back-up means of seeing to change batteries if necessary.

Do I need a head-torch or will a hand-held do?

A head-torch with a good level of lumens is required from lap 3 onwards, although a chest-torch is also okay. A hand-held torch isn’t appropriate for this kind of event from a safety point of view. PLEASE check your head/chest-torch is working prior to the day and ensure you have well charged/spare batteries.

As a member of a team can I run consecutive laps?

Yes. Just remember your team won't be able to start the next lap if you're not back within the half hour limit though.

Can members of our team run together?

No! There is a very strict rule that only one member of a team can be on the course at any one time. Accompanying / pacing team mates is not allowed and will result in disqualification for the team, as well as making a right royal mess of the timing and results for everyone.

We have a mixed team but only 1 lady, can we still take part?

Yes, but to be categorised as a mixed team at least 50% of the loops completed by your team must be done by your 1 lady.

Do all team members need to be from the same club?

No. You wouldn’t be eligible for points in the Club Competition but you could still win a best performing team prize. That said, we’re keen to have plenty of teams made up of people from the same club to make the Club Competition exciting.

How many loops does each runner have to complete?

That is entirely up to you. Our only stipulation is that for a team to count as a mixed team at least 50% of the loops completed must be by a female runner.



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