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About the Peak Running Team

From leading group runs, to organising the finer details of our amazing program of races, to coaching people through their first ultra-marathon and designing our race t-shirts, there's a bunch of dedicated folks behind Peak Running. Each bringing our unique skills to the trail, we all have at least one thing in common; we're passionate about creating memorable experiences for people of all abilities in spectacular locations. 

Meet the Team

Andy aka Brooksie

Hi! I’m the founder and a director of Peak Running. Sounds quite grand eh! In reality though, it just means that I decided to give up a ‘proper’ job I’d had in rail industry for the previous three decades to try and do something more interesting and (hopefully) worthwhile instead! To help people enhance their lives by getting out running in spectacular places. Something I’d enjoyed as pastime for many years but had never really appreciated how much benefit I got for it – both physically and mentally – until a bad accident very nearly took it away from permanently in 2012. 

Although my role does involve a fair amount of admin, the most rewarding days are when I’m out in the countryside coaching, leading runs or teaching navigation skills.


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I’ve been part of Peak Running from the early days, working alongside Andy dreaming up and developing our various events. Helped by my background in construction my role involves detailed planning and logistics. Much of it goes on in the background and begins many months before the races, when I'll often be out and about meeting and building relationships with landowners, estate managers, parish councils and other stakeholders - who are all critical to enabling races to happen.

I'm a keen cyclist as well as runner. Some of my best memories have been taking part in Mountain Marathon events in different parts of the work with my wife Carolyn, who you'll often see helping out at our races.


I'm the Community Coordinator at Peak Running which means you'll see me out and about at events ensuring that both participants and our fabulous team of Blinding Peakers are well cared for. I also look after the inbox and our social channels. (I can usually be spotted by the small black dog - Sooty - who won't be far behind!) 
Alongside this I happen to be an ultra-runner who teaches yoga which means that I'm probably the least flexible yoga teacher you'll have met!  

Emma aka Roebird

I'm a sports massage therapist - The Derby Therapist - and I treat a wide range of clients. My specialism and passion is movement biomechanics and gait analysis. I use sensors which attach to the legs to give me a range of highly accurate data alongside video. I can then work out a plan to deal with any issues. At Peak Running I work alongside Andy on the fell running workshops and use my skills to help diagnose any issues and give advise on training. I also help with guiding the fantastic Wayfarer runs which happen throughout the year.

Chris P


My main involvement with Peak Running is as a run leader at the Thursday bRUNch Club. I also help at the other events if I am available and particularly enjoy supporting the Peak Running Weekender and Peak District Ultras.

I am very passionate about encouraging people to achieve their running goals. 

Although I am no longer a road runner, my favourite running experience would probably have to be finishing my first London Marathon! 


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I've loved running with Peak Running over the last six years or so, max'ing my distance at 19 miles with the Uphill & Down Dales Wayfarer 'Rike' group this May (2022). I adore the Peak District and grew up locally near to Ashbourne.
Peak Running has led me to learn so much more about the beautiful South Derbyshire trails too, running in general and I now help guide some of our weekly bRUNch runs. 

Debs aka Shorty


The Peak Running Community 

Anyone who joins us for a bRUNch club, enters a race or supports our work in any way - big or small - is automatically part of the Peak Running Community. Catching the running bug is one thing, but catching the "Peak Running" bug is another altogether and usually means endless adventures and fun with the great bunch of folks who we're proud make up our 'community'. 


We have an official Peak Running Community Facebook Group, where people chat all things running, the Peak District, general life and importantly, is the place where all of the wonderful photos taken on our adventures get shared. If you'd like to join the Facebook group use the button below and an admin will accept your request at their earliest convenience. If you're feeling eager to join in, please drop us an email at to say that you've requested to join the group.


"The Blinding Peakers" Peak Running Event Team 

The soul of Peak Running truly is the incredible team that comes together to perfectly execute each and every one of our events. This team is lovingly known as the "Blinding Peakers" and they do indeed do a blinding job! As runners and outdoor lovers themselves, they understand what participants need and with many of them long-term members of the Peak Running Community, they are passionate about the work that we do. We don't like to blow our own trumpet too often, but when it comes to the Blinding Peakers, we don't mind one bit! Below is feedback from participants about just how amazing the Blinding Peakers are; 

“Can I just say what an amazing job all the Blinding Peakers out on the 70th Birthday Bash course did today. You kept us fed, watered and lifted the spirits every time we reached a checkpoint. Thank you so much all, you are all stars of the twinkliest proportions.” - Charlotte, 70th Birthday Bash 2022


“As a runner, the marshals were fab and encouraging and really looked like they were enjoying the day.”Val, Winter Bash 2022

"The Limestone was the first 50 miler I have done and in all honesty I don’t think I could have run it with a nicer group of volunteers. It was really nice to have attentive and supportive volunteers at all of the aid stations." - Owain, Peak District Ultras 2021

Do you want to join the Blinding Peakers?

As well as praise and admiration from runners, by joining the Blinding Peakers we guarantee that you'll have a great day out, be part of a epic community of people and earn credits to be used towards future Peak Running events and races. But don't take out word for it, here's what the Blinding Peakers have to say; 


“First of all, I had the BEST DAY!! I honestly loved it... Of course the music and fancy dress helped! But even at the finish line, and liaising with all the runners, there was just such a positive atmosphere and vibe. I'm sure the runners would say the staff made the event, but I think the runners themselves did. What incredible people with incredible attitudes. The aid station was one of the best I’ve ever seen in terms of size and variety of food. You definitely don’t scrimp when it comes to food, and choice of food, for the runners. They were all very appreciative too. Also, I never knew you were a social enterprise... That makes what you do even better, as you do such a good job you could easily choose to make a massive profit! So it’s even more a worthwhile event than I already thought it was.” – Afy, the Peak District Ultras 2021

“Thanks for letting me be a part of the dream team…I really enjoyed it” - Dana, the Winter Bash 2022

"I’d just like to say thanks Peak Running for the great organisation. It made volunteering really easy as everything was so well thought out for us!" - Helen, 70th Birthday Bash 2022

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