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Peak Running in partnership with the Peak District National Park Foundation charity are bringing you the Peak District 70th Birthday Bash. An epic journey through the Peak District National Park for runners and hikers. The route showcases the best of the varied Peak District landscapes and is a celebration of the Park’s 70th anniversary. 

Based in Castleton, the full route is appropriately 70 kilometres (43.5 miles) in length and will take you on a spectacular journey around the central Peak District. This is accompanied by a shorter option over half the distance (35km / 22.75-miles).

The event 
promises to be a challenging, fun adventure for all that take part, with all profits supporting the conservation and engagement projects of the Peak District National Park Foundation. 


Start Times

Walkers / non-competitive runners 05:30 to 07:30

(individual start times based on expected pace) 

Competitive runners 08:30

Time Limits

All participants to finish by midnight

Interim cut-off times at check-points apply. 

Entry Fee

£50 UKA / TRA 

£52 Unaffiliated

Includes high quality 1:25,000 scale souvenir map

Event memento for all finishers

 T-Shirt available as optional extra

Minimum age on the day is 20

No dogs permitted under UK Athletics Rules

Entries Closed


Start Times

Walkers / non-competitive runners 07:00 to 09:00

(individual start times based on expected pace) 

Competitive runners 10:00

Time Limits

All participants to finish by 19:00

Interim cut-off times at check-points apply. 

Entry Fee

£35 UKA / TRA 

£37 Unaffiliated

Includes high quality 1:25,000 scale souvenir map

Event memento for all finishers

T-Shirt available as optional extra

Minimum age on the day is 18

No dogs permitted under UK Athletics Rules

Entries Closed

Event Information



The Peak District 70th Birthday Bash is an event for runners and hikers being held in celebration of the UK's original national park's 70th anniversary, while at the same time promoting and supporting the work of the Peak District National Park Foundation charity. Any profits made will go to the Foundation.


It was originally hoped to stage the event in early summer 2021 but was pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The date of 9th April 2022 is now set which enables the event to happen within the Peak District's 70th anniversary year which runs from 17th April 2021 to 16th April 2022.


It is open to runners and long-distance walkers who have the fitness to complete their chosen distance within the time allowed.



Entries will open on 9th December 2021 and will close on 3rd April 2022. 


Entries, including any changes (e.g. switch to a different distance), will close at midnight on 27th March 2022 or earlier if the capacity is reached. Entries after 9th March 2022 are not guaranteed a finishers memento though.


The prices for entries are:

Full Distance 70k : £50

Half Distance 35k : £35


The above prices are subject to a £2 supplement for participants who are not affiliated to UK Athletics or members of the Trail Runnings Association.


By purchasing an entry you agree to the terms and conditions specified at the bottom of this page.


What's Included

  • Participation in an event on a spectacular route in the Peak District National Park

  • Detailed results, including intermediate check-point splits

  • A unique memento for finishers

  • Comprehensive event handbook

  • A bespoke high quality and waterproof souvenir map of the route (1:25,000 scale)

  • Access to a detailed route description

  • GPX file of the route

  • Well stocked aid stations

  • Hot food at the finish

  • Support from a highly experienced and enthusiastic event team

  • Professional first aid support

  • Option to purchase a high quality event t-shirt (order when entering)


The event in based in the heart of the beautiful and vibrant village of Castleton in the Hope Valley. The village is situated at the foot of the historic Peveril Castle and surrounded by spectacular hills.


The base for the race and event HQ is The Peveril Centre on Buxton Road which is on the western side of the village.  The Post Code is S33 8WP 


04:30 Registration Opens


NOTE: When choosing your start time please bear in mind that you must not arrive at Check Points before they are schedule to open (see check-point info below).


05:30 Full distance (70k) walker/non-competitive start opens


07:00 Half distance (35k) walker/non-competitive start opens


07:30 Full distance (70k) walker/non-competitive start closes


08:30 Full distance (70k) competitive runners mass start


09:00 Half distance (35k) walker/non-competitive start closes


10:00 Half distance (35k) competitive runners mass start


19:00 Deadline to complete half distance course


24:00 Deadline to complete full distance course


Event Team

Our event team, The Blinding Peakers, are renowned for their enthusiasm and ability to bring a sense of fun to an event, while maintaining the professional standards needed to ensure a smooth and safe event for all involved.


They’re nearly all runners and hikers themselves, and many are ultramarathon veterans. So they know what it’s all about and know what you need, maybe even before you do.


If you are interested in joining the team please contact us.

Car Parking

More details on parking arrangements will be provided here shortly.


Full details of the arrangements will be provided in the Event Handbook approximately 1 month prior to the event.


Local Accommodation

There are various accommodation options in the area. Locally there are two Youth Hostels (Losehill Hall and Edale Activity Centre) and a number of camp sites which take tents. There are also various pubs with accommodation, B&Bs and holiday cottages. The Let's Go Peak District website is a great resource for local accommodation.


The nearest large towns/cities with greater accommodation options are Buxton (10 miles), Chesterfield (15 miles), Sheffield (15 miles), Stockport (15 miles) and Manchester (20 miles).


Taking Part


Experience Required

Although there aren't formal qualifying criteria for the event, before attempting it we advise that you should have previous experience of completing long distances events/challenges, in hilly off-road terrain and be capable of self-navigation.


Much of the route is through remote and sometimes quite challenging terrain, both in terms of the hills and underfoot conditions. Also, given the time of year the weather conditions could involve anything from a heatwave to snow and ice, or anything in between. You should be comfortable in and equipped for this environment.



We have assessed the health and safety risks associated with the event and have put in place measures to manage these so far as reasonably practicable. However, the nature of long/ultra-distance trail running/hiking, means that participants have a higher level of responsibility for their own personal safety and that of others, than they would in a more controlled environment.


In the most part this simply means applying common sense and good judgement. However, when fatigued, extra care must be taken to ensure you do not inadvertently put yourself in danger.


Details of specific requirements relating to your safety and hazards to be mindful of will be provided in the Event Handbook, which will issued to participants prior to the event.



The courses have been designed to make them relatively straight forward to follow, using well-trodden paths so far as possible. However, other than signs provided by the authorities to highlight rights of way, there will be no way-marking on the course. You are therefore responsible for your own route finding around the course.


Clear step by step route instructions will be made available to participants in each distance, together with gpx files that can be loaded into GPS enabled watches, smartphone apps or other devices. These will be made available in the Routes section of this page once finalised.


You will, however, be expected to carry a printed map of the route. This could be the souvenir bespoke event map that you will be provided at registration on the day. Alternatively you may use a map you already have, which should ideally be a Harvey or Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 scale map, or equivalent. 1:50,000 scale is the minimum standard.


Permission for the event from the National Park Authority and landowners is based on participants using the designated route, which minimises the impact on the delicate landscapes in the area.


You must follow the designated route for your event throughout the event. Deliberate deviations from the route will result in disqualification and will also put the future editions of the event in jeopardy.


Kit Requirements

Weather conditions can be harsh and unpredictable in the Peak District at any time of year, and poor conditions will affect you more when you are tired. The mandatory kit requirements should therefore be considered to be the minimum that you should carry, not the maximum. This is based on what you would need to be safe if you have to stop for any reason, not just to be comfortable while running/hiking.


Mandatory requirements are:

  • Whistle

  • Emergency bivi bag

  • Magnetic compass

  • Map(s) covering the whole area of the route (Ordnance Survey or Harvey 1:25k scale preferred, 1:50k is the minimum requirement)

  • Appropriate clothing for the challenge and weather conditions

  • Appropriate footwear (trail shoes recommended, or walking boots for hikers)

  • Waterproof jacket, with hood and taped seams

  • Waterproof trousers with taped seams

  • Additional warm layer (in case you have to stop running for a prolonged period / retire, not forcomfort while running)

  • Basic first aid kit, including foot care items

  • Warm hat

  • Warm gloves (preferably waterproof)

  • Emergency food (at least 400 calories)

  • Drinks bottles and/or hydration pack to carry a minimum of 1 litre of fluid

  • Fully charged mobile phone (with waterproof cover or bag)

  • Head torch, plus spare batteries (participants on the 35k route starting after 6am are not mandated to carry a head-torch).

  • Face covering (Covid-19 safeguard)


Highly Recommended:

  • GPS device for backup navigation

  • Route description

  • Mug for hot drinks at checkpoints (where hot water available)

  • Mobile charger/power-pack

  • Buff / tube-scarf


Time Limits and Cut-Offs

Participants in the half distance (35k) must finish by 19:00 hours.


Participants in the full distance (70k) must finish by 24:00 hours (midnight).


The full amount of time you have will therefore depend on the start time that you choose.


You should also bear in mind:

  1. You must not start so early that you would arrive at any checkpoints before they are open, as per the info in the route section below.

  2. To be eligible for podium positions/prizes as a runner you must start with the mass start for your distance (08:30 for full distance, 10:00 for half distance).


Check Points and Aid Stations

There are checkpoints/aid stations on each route as follows:


Half Route (35k) : 2 check points at Hayfield (16km) and Edale (30km) 

Full Route (70k) : 5 check points at Hayfield (16km), Edale (30km), Bamford (42k), Hathersage (54k) and Bradwell (64k)


An overview of them and their position on the route is provided in the route section below.


As well as being points where your progress will be recorded, these locations will also act as aid stations. They will be well stocked with drinks and a variety of food. Please note that this is a ‘cup free’ event. With the exception of reusable mugs at event HQ, we will not provide any drinking vessels. You must therefore bring your own, i.e. bottles or a hydration pack to top up at checkpoints and suitable a vessel for hot drinks (mug, collapsible cup, hard bottle).


Medical Support

Medical support will be available throughout the event by Challenge First Aid who specialise in this kind of event. Their role will be to provide advice and deal with the more significant issues. Minor issues, such as general footcare, dealing with blisters etc., will be your own responsibility, utilising your own first aid kit.

Prizes and Finishers Awards

Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female finishers in each distance. To be eligible for these you must start with the mass start for competitive runners.


Finishers will receive a finishers award. 


Note: Due to the lead time in manufacturing the finishers awards, the number ordered will be in line with entries received by 9th March 2022. An award is therefore not guaranteed if you enter after that date and will be dependent on others not finishing.


Route Information



The full 70 kilometres 70th Birthday Bash Route is a spectacular tour of the best scenery the Peak District has to offer. With around 2,600 metres (8,500ft) of elevation gain it is a challenging route but the multitude of breathtaking views make the effort worthwhile. The half distance (35k) option covers the first half of the longer route but, with over 1,300 metres (4000ft) of elevation gain itself is still a challenge that will gain you kudos.

From the start at Castleton you will climb up via the Great Ridge to Lord's Seat, before meandering your way through the hills that form the western edge of the national park to the first checkpoint at Hayfield.

You'll then visit the gathering point of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass of 1932, which paved the way for the formation of National Parks and our right to roam in upland areas, before climbing up to traverse the edge of Kinder Scout itself - the highest mountain in the Peak District. From Kinder Scout, Jacob's Ladder will take you down into Edale where you'll reach checkpoint 2.   

From Edale half distance participants will climb back over the Great Ridge to take a direct route back to Castleton. Those tackling the full 70k will continue along the valley before climbing up to Hope Cross and Win Hill which has panoramic views across the park in every direction.

Bamford will be your next checkpoint before you start the next climb up to and along the iconic Stanage Edge, with great views back across the hills you've already conquered, as well as those still to come.

You then enjoy a long descent into Hathersage where you can replenish your energy at your fourth checkpoint, before continuing your journey along some lessor known, but still wonderful, trails towards Bradwell.

There is then one last push into the hills before you can bask in the glory of your spectacular final descent to the finish in Castleton.



The distances for an event of this nature cannot be measured completely accurately due to the nature of the terrain and the obstacles that you will encounter.


We have measured them using a combination of mapping software and gps enabled devices and taken care to ensure that they are at least the advertised distance; as we know most participants would be disappointed to be short changed with the distance.


You can therefore expect a variation of up to around 5% above the advertised distances.


PD70 Overview updated.png

Route Files to Download

Below are the routes for the full and half Birthday Bash.


To download gpx files, click on the route names within the 'plotaroute' panels below.

Written route instructions are also available HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions



Results will appear here shortly after the event.



A selection of images from a test run of the route by some of the Peak Running Community in April 2021

Terms and Conditions


The event will operate in accordance with UK Athletics Rules under a permit issued by the Trail Running Association. Permit number: 4617

When purchasing an entry you are agreeing to our general terms and conditions specified, as well as any terms and conditions specific to the event.


Event Specific Terms and Conditions for the Peak District 70th Birthday Bash


Participant Cancellation

If you cancel your entry before midnight on 9th February, you will be eligible to a refund of 70% of the fee received by us for the entry and any associated merchandise.


If you cancel your entry after that date, no refund will be given.



Deferrals to other events are not permitted.


Transfer to another participant

 You are permitted to transfer an entry that you have purchased to another person without additional charge. Transfers must be done by the original entrant via the on-line entry system, and the deadline for transfers is midnight on 27th March 2022.


Transfer to a different distance

You are permitted to upgrade an entry to the half distance event to the full distance, subject to places remaining available and payment of the difference in entry fee. The deadline for transferring to the full distance is midnight on 27th March 2022.


You are permitted to change an entry for the full distance event to the half distance subject to places remaining available, but you will not be eligible for a refund of the difference in entry fee. Transfers to the half distance are permitted until registration closes on the day of the event. 


Merchandise and Mementos

Participants entering or switching distance after 9th March 2022 are not guaranteed a finishers memento.


Orders for t-shirts or other event merchandise cannot be changed after 9th March 2022.

Participant Guide

This is available here


General Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply in other respects for this event. These are available here