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The Starlight Trails Relay Series

The relay series, with a twist

Race #1

Markeaton Park


7 November 2019

Race #2

Shipley Park Thursday

5 December 2019

Race #3

Calke Park


10 January 2020

Provisional dates for 2020-21: 12th Nov, 3rd Dec & 7th Jan

Series Details

The very popular Starlight Trails are back for a third year.

They are an exciting series of off-road relay races, with a twist. They will be in the dark, with runners using head-torches to illuminate their way on the trails. 

At each event teams will run 4 legs of 2 'country' miles but the courses will vary in difficulty.

The routes will be entirely off-road and use a variety of terrain, including hard-packed paths, woodland trails and grass. They will be well marked and have marshals at key points.

Team relays are renowned for creating a great atmosphere and being lots of fun for runners of all levels. So, with the added exhilaration of running at night, these races are really exciting. 

The overall number of teams in each event will be limited, so please register early to guarantee your place. Entries on the day will only be accepted if places remain.

Each Event:£25 per team

Full Series: £60 per team

Prices based on UKA/TRA Affiliated Runners paying in advance.

Unaffiliated: £2 supplement per runner per event

Pay on the day: £5 supplement per team

Entries Now Open

Online entries now CLOSED

Download a Team Declaration Form HERE

Entry Process - advance entry

Teams and Prizes

Individual Teams

Teams can be entered in the following categories:

  • Male

  • Female

  • Mixed (at least 2 ladies)

Prizes will be awarded at each event to the first team in each category.

Note: Solo runners will be classified as a Male or Female Team. 

Best Performing Team in the Series

There will also be a prize for the Best Performing Team in the whole series for each category. To be eligible a team must be made up of 4 runners at each event, be represented by no more than 6 individuals throughout the series and compete in the same category at each event.


Club Competition

A trophy will be awarded to the Best Performing Club in the series. This will be based on a points system, with the 3 best performing teams across the categories scoring for each club.  

To be eligible to score points teams must be made up of UKA affiliated members of the same running club and all be wearing club attire.

Jog Derbyshire / Run Together Groups

In recognition of our objective of making our events inclusive for runners at all levels, an additional prize will be awarded to the best performing team from a Jog Derbyshire, or other England Athletics 'Run Together Group, at each event. To be eligible teams must be made up of individuals registered with a Jog Derbyshire / Run Together Group. 

On the day

At each event final registration and race number collection will take place between 5:45 and 6:45pm.  

There may be a short walk to the starting point, so please try and arrive in plenty of time as races will start at 7pm sharp.

  1. Team Captain, Club Coordinator or Solo Runner to enter and make payment using the link above (details of team members not required at this stage)

  2. Team Captain to download and complete 'Team Declaration Form'.

  3. Team Captain to bring completed Team Declaration Form to Registration on they day, signed by all team members

NOTE: For teams any supplements for unaffiliated runner can be paid by adding supplement as an optional extra within the entry system. 

Entry on the day

Team Captain or Solo Runner to complete:

1. Entry Form and

2. Team Declaration Form (for teams only which must be signed by all team members)


These must be brought to registration together with payment, which must be in cash. 

NOTE: entries on the day are subject to availability and a £5 supplement per team is payable.

Team Composition and Transfers 

Team Captains can change their team members or category of team anytime until declaring their finalised team on the day.  

Teams must have a minimum of 2 runners, but individuals may not run consecutive legs. 

At each event runners are not permitted to represent more than one team.

The minimum age for athletes is 16.

No dogs are allowed to accompany runners. 

Race Permits

Each race will take place in accordance with UK Athletics rules, under Permits issued by the Trail Running Association.

Permit numbers: 3114, 3115 & 3116

Trail Running Association

We are very grateful to the Trail Running Association (TRA) for their support with the Starlight Relay Series, and were delighted to be awarded a TRA Grant which contributed towards the cost of event equipment.  For more information on the TRA see


Race Venues

Event #1: Markeaton Park 

The series will kick off in Derby at Markeaton Park. Post Code DE22 4AA

Parking: Available in the main car park next to the entrance to the park next to Markeaton Island (A38/A52 junction)

Toilets: Toilets may be available within the park (still to be confirmed)..

Registration: A gazebo will be set up within the park, to which directions will be given on the night.

Start/Finish: Adjacent to registration.

Race Route: The route is within the perimeter of the park and is on a combination of grass, woodland trails and some short sections of tarmac. It is the least hilly of the three events, but don't expect it to be completely flat..

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Event #2: Shipley Park                      

For the second event, we move slightly further north to Shipley Park. Post Code DE75 7GX 

Parking: Available in the main Shipley Park car park.

Toilets: Toilets are available in the park..

Registration: A marquee will be set up within the park, to which directions will be given on the night.

Start/Finish: Exact location to be confirmed.

Race Route: The planned route is likely to be the toughest of the series. There will be some hills and there will almost certainly be some mud.

Event #3: Calke

For the series finale, we move over to the spectacular Calke Park in South Derbyshire. Post Code DE73 7LE

Parking: Car parking is available in the main car park at Calke Abbey. Parking fees are TBC.  

Toilets & Changing: Public toilets are close to the main car park. There are no specific changing facilities..

Registration: Gazebo adjacent to the car park.

Start/Finish: Close to the main car park. There will be signs to guide participants there.

Race Route: The route is completely within Calke Park, with some of it across private land that we have special permission to use. Underfoot there is a combination of purpose made hard-packed trails, woodland tracks and grass, some of which is long and/or uneven.  As well as some nice downhill stretches, there are some tough little climbs.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

A number of people in our club want to run but we haven’t sorted out who is in which team yet. Can we reserve places in the meantime?

We are happy for someone to act as coordinator for a club and enter a number of teams under their name. We don’t need to know the finalised team members until the night of each race, although we do need to know who the Team Captains will be 72 hours before.

I would like to run but don’t have a team as yet. Can you help me find a team?

We are happy for you to post in the Peak Running Community Facebook Group ( )
to seek team members. Other Facebook groups that you’re a member of may also be useful too.

Do we need to have 4 people in a team or can 2 people run 2 legs each?

Our only stipulation is that individuals can’t run consecutive legs. Therefore, teams of 2 can compete with the individuals running alternate legs. A 3-person team is also okay, provided the individual running twice doesn’t run 2 legs in a row.

Do all team members need to be from the same club?

No. You wouldn’t be eligible for points in the Club Competition but you could still win on the night or be the best performing team in the series. That said, we’re keen to have plenty of teams made up of people from the same club to make the Club Competition exciting.

Do you have to be a member of a club to run?

No, anyone over 16 can run. We just have to charge a £2 supplement for unaffiliated runners (per person per event) in accordance with UK Athletics Rules.

What is the minimum age to run?


Is the first event at Markeaton around the parkrun course


What kind of shoes should I wear?

Trail or fell shoes are recommended for all the events. Even at Markeaton, you may find it hard to get traction in places with road shoes, especially if the ground is wet.

Do I need a head-torch or will a hand-held do?

A head-torch with a good level of lumens is required, although a chest-torch is also okay. A hand-held torch isn’t appropriate for this kind of event from a safety point of view. PLEASE check your head/chest-torch is working prior to the day and ensure you have well charged/spare batteries.

Do all members of the team need a head-torch?

Everyone needs to run with one, but it is acceptable to share and hand it over at the transition. Bear in mind the transition area and the route to and from it will be dark though. It’s therefore recommended that you have more than one and/or a back-up means of seeing to change batteries if necessary.

We have a mixed team but only 1 lady, can we still take part?

Yes, but you would be categorised as a male team. You need a minimum of 2 ladies to compete in the mixed category.

We’re doing the first event but some of the team cannot commit to the others yet. If we enter them later would we still count in the series?

Yes you can, you just wouldn’t get the series discount. Bear in mind though, that we can’t guarantee a place in the later events if they reach the capacity in their own right. It may also be worth noting that you can change some team members for latter events, but can only use a maximum of 6 individuals across the series to be classified as the same team.

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To purchase an entry click on the relevant link below.

ONLINE ENTRY NOW CLOSED - Entry on the day subject to availability


2017-18 Series

Event #1 at Moorways on 19/10/17 here.

2018-19 Series

Event #1 at Markeaton on 8/11/18 here.

Event #2 at Ticknall on 5/12/17 here.

Including standings in Best Performing Team in the series and Club Competition

Event #2 at Allestree on 6/12/18 here.

Event #3 at Allestree on 11/1/19 here.

Including final standings in Best Performing Team in the series and Club Competition

Event #3 at Calke on 11/01/19 here.

Including final standings in Best Performing Team in the series and Club Competition

2019-20 Series

Event #1 at Markeaton on 7/11/19 here

Event #2 at Shipley on 5/12/19 here

Event #3 at Calke on 10/01/20  here

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