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8th FEBRUARY to 7th MARCH 2021

Run for the Trees        

A FUN personal challenge event for runners and walkers TO KEEP YOU ACTIVE while lockdown restrictions are in place.



a positive footprint ON THE ENVIRONMENT: the more miles YOU cover the more new trees will be planted IN THE NATIONAL FOREST.


How it works

There are 3 levels to choose from plus, for the very ambitious, the option of trying to achieve a 'PEAK SLAM'.

Each level has a mileage target for you to aim for during the 28 days of the event. Plus there are a number of virtual races based on Peak Running events that you can take part in as you accumulate your mileage. 

You can cover as few or as many miles/kilometres as you like during the one session of exercise you're allowed to leave home for each day. But if you cover the equivalent distance to any of the races in single outings, you can enter that run/walk into the virtual race. This is as well as the distances counting towards your overall total.

You can enter as many virtual races as you like as many times as you like until you reach your challenge target. The races are:

  1. Solo Starlight: 3.2km / 2-miles

  2. Little Personal Bash: 5km / 3.1-miles

  3. Hob Hurst's at Home: 8km / 5-miles

  4. Personal Winter Bash: 16.1km / 10-miles

  5. Little Doorstep Dipper: 24.1km / 15-miles

  6. Doorstep Dipper: 42.2km / 26.2-miles

  7. Personal Peveril: 53.1km / 33-miles

  8. Lonesome Limestone: 80.5km / 50-miles

  9. My Millstone: 160.9km / 100-miles

If you achieve your target amount over the 28 days you'll receive a specially made coaster or medal crafted locally from sustainable wood. Plus you can compete for other prizes in various categories, including - but not limited to - the best performances in the virtual races.  

Part of your entry fee will go towards planting new trees in the National Forest, providing a legacy of more green space for our community to enjoy and a positive environmental impact. The more miles that are covered during the event, the bigger the area of new forest we create.

All participants will receive a 20% discount voucher from the Derby Runner as well as the other

things listed below. Visit their website for information on making purchases during Lockdown. 

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You get:

  • Downloadable Race Number

  • Entry to Virtual Races (optional) 

  • Wooden Award (crafted locally)

  • Quarter Share in a Tree to be Planted

  • 20% Discount at Derby Runner

Entry Fee:


(+£0.90 booking fee)





You get:

  • Downloadable Race Number

  • Entry to Virtual Races (optional) 

  • Wooden Award (crafted locally)

  • Half Share in a Tree to be Planted

  • 20% Discount at Derby Runner

Entry Fee:


(+£1.20 booking fee)





You get:

  • Downloadable Race Number

  • Entry to Virtual Races (optional) 

  • Wooden Award (crafted locally)

  • Dedicated Tree and Certificate

  • 20% Discount at Derby Runner

Entry Fee:


(+£1.80 booking fee)

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Covid Hardship: If you, or someone you know, would like to take part in the event but can’t afford the entry because of financial hardships brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, please contact us via email to info@peakrunning.co.uk and request a free ‘Peak Running Community Entry’. We  have a limited number of these available to support people within our community with their physical and mental health.  


Also, if you would like to sponsor a place for someone else – either someone you know or anyone who would like to enter but cannot afford it, please get in touch. This can be by donating an entry fee or donating credits/places on ice you have from Peak Running events cancelled/postponed due to coronavirus.

Groups and Families: If you are a couple, family or group of friends and wish to have tree dedicated to you, we can do this. If 4 of you enter the Cherry Challenge or 2 of you enter the Lime Challenge (or 2 x Cherry and 1 x Lime), just let us know after you have entered that you'd like to pool your entries for a dedicated tree.


Can you nail the 


Complete all 9 virtual races to achieve the Peak Slam!

Get a special Peak Slammer award

Plus a tree dedicated to you!

Virtual Races Rules

Participation in virtual races is optional and included in your entry fee.  

Races are informal events that you can take part in at your own risk. You will need to plan your own race routes local to home, and should leave home no more than once a day to exercise. Unless you live very close to an actual race route, you should not use it for your effort. 

As you would on a training run, you are responsible for taking care for the safety of yourself and others while you run and complying with coronavirus restrictions and guidelines.    

To enter a race you must cover the distance of that race in a single outing and must comply with current coronavirus restrictions. You cannot enter more than one race simultaneously, e.g. use a 5-mile split for the Hob Hurst's at Home race while running 10-miles for the Personal Winter Bash.

You are responsible for timing your run. Races times must be based on 'elapsed' time (the difference between the time of day you start and the time you finish) not 'moving time'. If you stop during your effort (e.g. to take photographs, visit the toilet etc.) this time must be included in your race time, as it would be in a normal race.

Race times must be submitted via the ResultsBase website as soon as possible after you have taken part, but no later than 24 hours after the end date of the event. 

To be eligible for prizes based on times and race positions, and to gain the 'Peak Slam' award, you must be able to provide evidence (such as links to or screen shots of GPS recordings on Strava or Garmin Connect) for your race efforts.

There will be results for each event, and prizes for the fastest male and female time.

There will also be prizes in other categories not based on time or position (e.g. best photos). Full details of these are currently being finalised. 


The National Forest

25 years ago, large swathes of the Midlands landscape had been left scarred by centuries of coal mining and other heavy industry. But a passionate group of people had a vision: a forest. - the first forest to be created at scale in England for over 1000 years! 


The National Forest Company was formed and is a charity that works with public, private, voluntary and community organisations to create the National Forest. One of the boldest environmental regeneration projects in the world, they are truly transforming a scarred landscape from black to green. But the story doesn’t stop here. They believe that trees are the catalyst for transformation, not only of the landscape but of the economy and for our communities too.  


By continuing to grow the Forest, making it accessible to all and creating a woodland culture of passionate people who can engage with it, there will be a lasting benefit for generations to come.

For more information visit their website here.

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Your Questions Answered

If I don't meet the distance tartget for my challenge will I still get an award?

You will receive a 'participant' award, rather than the finishers memento for your challenge.

Can I upgrade to a higher challenge after I've entered?

There isn't a specific 'upgrade' option. However, you do have the option of purchasing a second entry. If you do this you can either: 1. Complete both challenges you entered and receive an award for each, or 2. Contact us and request that your entry be amended to the higher challenge.

How do I submit details of my runs / walks, and will I need to provide evidence?

You will be required to submit details of your runs / walks via the ResultsBase website. This will be available once the event is underway. A link to the sytem will be provided in your confirmation email when you enter the event.

This will largely be done on a trust basis and no specific evidence will be required to prove what you have done.

However, to be eligible for speed / positiion / distance based prizes in the virtual races and for the Peak Slam award you will need to provide evidence (such as gps download / Strava or Garmin links or screenshots of the activity) for the relevant runs/walks that you do. This should clearly show the date/time of the activity, distance covered and elapsed time.


  • Distances that you cover must be logged in KILOMETRES not MILES.

  • Evidence of race efforts must show ELAPSED TIME not moving time.

  • Links to activiites on Stava. Garmin etc. are only useful as evidence if the account/activity is set to 'public'. Otherwise we will not be able to see it.

What is the latest date I can join the event?

You can enter and join the event at any point until its last day.

If I join the event after it has started will I still have 28 days to complete my challenge?

Yes. However, the virtual races will close on the last day of the event. So you will not have the full 28 days to take part in them.

Also, you will not be able to log you runs/walks on the results system after the last day of the event. You will therefore need to contact us via info@peakrunning.co.uk to confirm when you have finished your challenge.

How many virtual races can I enter?

As many as you like, as many times as you like during the event period. You can only have one results count in the race results though. So if you run a race for a second time, you will need to edit your results to show the one you wish to include.

Can I enter a virtual race more than once during the event period?

Yes, as many times as you like. However, only one run/walk can count in the final results, i.e. your best result.

If you run a race for a second or third (or more) time, you will need to edit your results in ResultsBase to show the one you wish to include.

Is there a minimum distance I must cover on a single run/walk?

No but we suggest you try and do at least a mile / 1.6km

What will my award be and when will I receive it?

The award for completing your challenge will be a coaster made locally from sustainable wood. A mock-up of these is shown in the image below.

We will get it to you as soon as we can get it to you after you have finished your challenge. Our aim will be within 28 days although things can take a little longer at the current time due to the pandemic.

What will there be prizes for and what will they be?

The preliminary list of prize categories is as follows. Many of these are based on things other than running ability and the list may be added to during the event.

  • Fastest male and female times for each virtual race distance

  • Lockdown Race Series male and female champions - lowest number of points based on best 5 race distance positions

  • All completers of the Peak Slam - all 9 race distances completed in separate single outings.

  • Fastest Known Tree - first person to complete the Oak Challenge

  • Longest distance covered on a single run/walk without being more than 5k from home, and without duplicating any section of the route.

  • Best event theme based 'Strava art'

  • Environmental award - for kindness to, stewardship or awareness of the environment

  • Good deed award

  • Best fancy dress

  • Peak Running best brand placement

  • Derby Runner best brand placement

  • Various other photo competitions to be revealed through the month.

Gps evidence must be provided (via ResultsBase) to be eligible for prizes related to running time/distance and race positions. See earlier question above regarding the evidence required. For photo competitions, photos should shared in the Peak Running Community Facebook group. Details of prizes available will be revealed during the event via our social media.

How do I redeem my 20% voucher at the Derby Runner?

You race number/bib for Run for the Trees acts as your voucher. Details are printed on the bottom of the race number/bib which can be downloaded from your entry 'ticket' on ResultsBase.

For details of how to purchase items from the Derby Runner during lockdown see the Derby Runner website or Facebook page.

Where can I run / walk during the event?

Anywhere that is legal and complies with current coronavirus guidelines. We encourage you to start and finish at home if possible and, if not, stay as local as possible.

You should try to use areas or go out at times that are less busy so that social distancing can be maintained.

If you take part in any of the virtual races, please do not use the actual race routes unless you happen to live on the route.

Can I run the actual routes of your races?

No, unless you live in close proximity to the route, as it would be against coronavirus guidelines.

Do my runs/walks for the virtual races need to be on similar terrain to the actual races (e.g. hill and off-road courses).

This is not essential. We encourage you to run off-road on local trails if possible but not if this means travelling outside your local area.

If I run/walk a virtual race more than once, which results will count?

This is up to you. If you run a race distance more than once and improve on your time, you can replace your previous time in your results on ResultsBase.

Note that to be eligible for prizes or for the Grand Slam Award you will need to upload gps evidence of your run.

Also it must be in 'elapased' not 'moving' time.

Where and when will the trees be planted?

They will be planted in the National Forest area in the next planting season, which will be Spring 2022. We don't know the exact location as yet.

Will I be able to visit the trees once they're planted?

Yes. A key objective of the National Forest is to create new woodland area that people can explore and enjoy, as well as opening up existing woodland for this purpose.

If I have a dedicated tree, will I be able to indentify that individual tree and/or will it have my name on it?

The National Forest will be able to tell us the location of your tree but individual trees are not marked. This would be impractical for a growing tree and would lead to waste materials littering the forest.

Can I have a dedicated tree even if I enter one of the lower challenges?

If you would like a dedicated tree you should enter the 'Oak' Challenge. If you wish to aim for one of the lower targets (Cherry or Lime), you will receive the reward relating to challenge you complete.

Can I club together with family or friends to dedicate a whole tree?

Yes, if (for example) two of you enter the Lime Challenge or 4 of you enter the Cherry Challenge, you can request a tree be dedicated to your group.

There will be opporunity during the entry process to tell us who you are clubbing together with for a tree.

How many trees will be planted?

This will depend on how many people enter the event. But the aim is that there will be a tree planted for every 200 miles completed - collectively - by participants.

Can I run/walk more than one virtual race simultanously, e.g. complete Hob Hurst's at Home and continue for another 5 miles to complete the Personal Winter Bash?

No. Each run/run submitted for a virtual race must be a single outing for the full distance of the race. Split times cannot be submitted for shorter races.

Can I take longer than 28 days to complete my challenge?

Yes if you like. However, you will only receive a finishers award if you do so within the 28 days. Otherwise you will receive a participant's award.

What if I am ill, or have to self isoldate and cannot complete the challenge?

The default would be that you receive a participant's memento. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us.

Can I use credit I have from other Peak Running events that have been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic to enter the challenge?

Yes, of course. Contact us at info@peakruning.co.uk and we'll let you have a discount code.

Can I run or walk with other people?

Yes, provided you comply with coronavirus guidelines, e.g. with members of your household OR one other person from outside your household.

When will entries close?

24 hours before the end of the event.

Do I have to enter each run/walk I do individually?

Yes, if you are participating in any virtual races. If you don't wish to do any virtual races you can either enter each one individually or you can enter in one go when you have reached your target.

How long do I have to enter the details of a run / walk?

All runs/walks must be entered into the 'Run for the Trees' page on the ResultsBase website within 24 hours of the end of the event.

If you take part in virtual races you will need to enter these resuts separately on the 'Peak Running Lockdown Race Series' page on ResultsBase too. It's helpful to enter those runs/walks as soon as possible after you have completed them, so that the leader boards are up to date.

NOTE: A run/walk over one of the race distances counts towards both your distance for your Run for the Trees challenge as well as the individual race. However, it must be logged on both pages.

Will I get a race number / bib?

Yes. Your number can be downloaded from your entry tick on ResultsBase in pdf format for printing at home if you wish.

Can I import my results directly from my Garmin Connect Account?

Yes, this is possible. Please see information on the ResultsBase website for instructions on how to do this.

There is always the option to enter results manually if you have difficulties uploading from Garmin Connect.

Can I run/walk more than once a day, e.g. include a second dog walk?

In the spirit of the event, you should only log one session of exercise per day, as this is allowed in the current government guidelines and makes it a level playing field for all participants.

Although walking a dog more than once a day is allowed within the guidelines, this is aimed at animal welfare, and is obviously not something that those who do not own dogs can do.

Do I need to enter my results in kilmometres or miles?

You MUST enter the distances you run/walk in kilometres or part kilometres. e.g. 1.45km.

If you have recorded your run/walk in miles multiple by 1.609 to convert to kilometers. e.g. 5 miles x 1.609 = 8 kilometres.

1 mile = 1.609 kilometres

1 kilometer = 0.621 miles

Should I used 'moving time' or 'elapsed time' for my race results?

You must use 'elapsed time' for virtual races, i.e. the difference between the time of day you started the run and the time of day you finished.

If you stop during the run the race clock should still be ticking, just as it would in a normal race. Stops to take photogrpahs, call of nature, etc., are 'on the clock'.

For the runs/walks you do for your distance challenge, you do not need to enter a time, only the distance you covered in kilometres.

If I qualify for a dedicated tree, can I have it dedicated to someone else?

Yes you can. The default will be that it will dedicated to the entrant. If you wish to dedicate it to someone else, just let us know by emailing info@peakrunning.co.uk before you finish your challenge.

Are there any age limits?

No, but parents / guardians must take full responsibiity for children taking part and accompany them on runs/walks.

Young people should not take part in virtual races in line with the following guidance:

Solo Starlight (2m) - 10 years +

Little Personal Bash (3.1m/5k) - 12 years +

Hob Hurst's at Home (5m) - 16 years +

Personal Winter Bash (10m) - 17 years +

Little Doorstep Dipper (15m) - 17 years +

Doorstep Dipper (26.2) -18 years +

Personal Peveril (33) - 20 years +

Lonesome Limestone (50m) - 20 years +

My Millstone (100m) - 20 years +

Will my race times and any PBs (personal bests) be official?

No, races are informal events that you can take part in at your own risk. Measuring the route and timing the run is your responsibility using your own personal devices. You will be effectively be comparing training runs with others, in a simialr way to comparing Strava segments. You will need to plan your own race routes local to home, and should leave home no more than once a day to exercise. Unless you live very close to an actual race route, you should not use it for your effort. As you would on a training run, you are responsible for taking care for the safety of yourself and others while you run and complying with coronavirus restrictions and guidelines.

What are the t-shirts like and how do I get one?

The t-shirt design is shown below. They are technical running shirts and are being printed to order. A full range of sizes is available in both a standard (unisex) cut and a female cut base shirt. A size guide is alsos shown below.

T-shirts can be ordered as an optional extra during the online registration process on ResultsBase, at a cost of £15.90.

If you have already entered and wish to add one, simply go back to your entry on ResultsBase and edit your 'Size/Shop Products' the option for which is available via the 'Changes' button.

If a run/walk further than the distance of a virtual race, can I count part of it as the virtual racel?

Run/walks that are done for a virtual race must be recorded as in their own right and the distance should match the race distance. If you cover additional distance before and/or after your race effort (e.g. as a warm-up / cool- down, you should record these as separate runs/walks on your watch. You can, however, add all elements of your run together to input towards your Run for the Trees Cherry, Lime or Oak target.

If I a cover the combined distance can I do more than one virtual race during a single run/walk?

Each virtual race must be recorded as an individual run/walk. Although you could run one race, stop your watch and save it, and then run another race during the same outing, the spirit of the event is to do each race on a separate day as your one allowed bout of exercise that day.

Can I run/walk on a treadmill?

Yes you can.

However, vritual race efforts must be done outside to be eligilbe for inclusion on the results and for position/time/distance based prizes.